Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2 Poems

The following 2 poems were written for a class. The last one actually came out of an exercise where you were supposed to "say goodbye" from another persons perspective. Enjoy.

Our Glass

...scaly skin slithers through transitions in her mind and
she writes her name upon the glass
within the hour
with the breath that she has breathed forever,
taking up this knotted dance of thundering transcendence
leaping through a vaulted powder canopy of clouds
courting sounds and stretching out beneath the constellation cover
and underneath the monolith is the fissure through the rift
that sucks her down and brings her under
and now she roams with pagan ghost and all that is asunder

Tension tightens the piano string draped across her helix heart
and in the inner spiral swings her lucid figured posture
and for this she’s not sure of Helios’s kiss upon her wrist and toes
a circling of soaking feathers and booming blonde hair she chose  
and with the dawn of sin she responds in miss proportioned pleasure
dousing herself in the sensuous spell of a bio-shimmering endeavor

and now we meet, separated only by this pane, within her hour and other falses
she turns to me in cocaine lace, a color spray of little children’s finger paint
reflects across the brass and sipping in the sand, slipping through her hand
melts my winged heart, the sun that’s closing in lays caution to the dark
and though the barrier is thin, she sings her didactic hymn
and motions me towards the pain and beneath the ceiling fan I trace a long sigh and slither with her name.



When you walked in with that winter wind
and the fuel behind your eyes was set to blaze
I knew you wouldn’t take much to spark so I studied my breath
and dropped my chin, there wasn’t strength to match you, nor where would I begin.

I hadn’t come without my own fire
my heart burned for another, that was true
because you left it cold in summer and come fall
whatever ember, thought everlasting, would die in late december.

We shifted and squirmed, our time for words I thought had passed
you looked at me and I tried not to
until you said, “our time will find us again,”
which made me cry, I allowed a hug and then we split apart without goodbye.

As I walked away, my legs could only carry me so fast,
our past had been so much, but now too much and those
white phosphorus tears of yours begin to ignite and I am comforted to know
that when it begins to snow, I will never have to meet your gaze again.

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