Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Writing Exercise

Listen, alone and intently, to a piece of music you care about and write anything the music suggest to you. If it has lyrics, don't use the words of the song, but the images in your brain, the words that paint feeling. Don't try to make sense of it, or even sentences; let the music dictate your words. 

I did this and here is the finished product, a little fine tuned.
I used two different songs:

~ Massive Attack: Angel
~ Collide: Inside

The hum is constant, a memory is awakened. The beat bounces deep within and I'm forced to suffer an old voice. She sings, taunts and snares me with every measure. I wouldn't say it aloud, but...
I like it.
I really enjoy the seduction.
Resonating the past, like the years we shared, bringing it all back into frame and I can see it all again, see what it once was for.
But the siren eventually betrays me, refocusing my regret, my mistakes, my misfortune by poking and prodding very specific and very special haunts I have relocated to further depths for safety. All too quickly they rise with her nudge and I am flooded, surfacing too fast for this backslide.
There's nothing stopping them now, I will be inundated for days, pretending none of the pain still exists, because the bass will always remind me and the music will never end.

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